Tips and Advice

It's worth remembering these tips every time you get behind the wheel. They'll help keep your PEUGEOT in top condition, make it more enjoyable to drive and can save you money.

Service regularly

Make sure you always get your PEUGEOT serviced at a PEUGEOT authorised dealer or repair centre. This way, they will ensure you PEUGEOT is kept as close as possible to how it came out of the factory. Your authorised PEUGEOT dealer can perform important software and other updates which other repairers can't.

Use the correct fuels, oils and lubricants

PEUGEOT engines are highly advanced to be able to provide the level of power and fuel efficiency they do. To achieve this, they always need to run on the fuel and oil grade and type as outlined in your owners handbook.

Consult the experts

If you have a breakdown or warning light come on, trust your PEUGEOT dealerships, they know PEUGEOTs better than anyone else and have access to information and advice from the factory in order to potentially save you money in diagnosis and repair times.